“Everything is related–physical, emotional and mental.

Today’s woman is justifiably demanding more knowledge about herself, and physicians are responding.”

Our goal is to ensure quality care that is responsive to your individual needs.

Advanced Women’s Care (AWC) was founded in Germantown by Dr. Kambiz Kazemi, an Obstetrician/Gynecologist (OB.Gyn.) to accommodate the healthcare needs of women in Montgomery County and Maryland. Under Dr. Kazemi’s direction, AWC created a practice widely recognized for offering compassionate, attentive, and comprehensive high quality healthcare services to their patients.

Dr. Kazemi is a United States citizen, who was born in Tehran, Iran. He finished his medical school at National University of Iran in 1975 and obtained his Ph.D. in Clinical Anatomy in 1979. After Iran’s revolution in 1979 he came to the United States and finished a year of training in General Surgery at Yale University affiliated hospitals in Connecticut then he finished four years residency in Obstetrics and Gynecology at New York Medical College, New York in 1986.

Dr. Kazemi worked as an instructor for OB.Gyn. residency program of Providence Hospital until 1987 when he started his private practice of OB.Gyn. at Montgomery County until the present time.

Dr. Kazemi is an active staff member of Shady Grove Adventist Medical Center in Rockville, Maryland, which is the only hospital he performs his surgeries.

Advanced Women’s Care is committed to providing a full-range of obstetric and gynecological services. Ultimately, each woman is responsible for maintaining her own health. We strive to support each patient in helping feel her best each and everyday. An open, honest dialogue between doctor and patient will help to ensure the most effective treatment. Be assured that confidentiality will always be maintained.

A Woman and her Doctor

There was a time when women had to be very sick indeed before they went to a doctor for a “female” problem. Discussion of their problem was kept to a minimum and physicians had to be bent backwards to avoid seeming improper.

The doctor giving orders and the woman usually meekly following them. Thankfully those times are past. The best doctors realize that they can give women the most complete medical care only if women are well-informed.

Figures suggest that women’s goals have shifted dramatically in the direction of acquiring skills that will make it possible for them to take care of themselves and to live richer, more interesting lives than ever before. A woman having a baby for the first time has a natural curiosity about all the things that are happening to her body. Just as the adolescent and the woman experiencing menopause wants to understand the changes their bodies are going through.

Today’s woman plays a much more active role than the woman of ten years ago. Although the idea of a woman having command of herself is relatively new, but doctors are becoming more and more aware of the necessity to include women in the decision-making process.

Tremendous advances have been made in medicine, particularly in women’s health care which all increased the need for communication between doctor and patient.

At Advanced Women’s Care we enjoy and promote their communication. That means taking adequate time to discuss patient’s problem and various available treatment options, and providing encouragement for the patient to make the appropriate decisions concerning her healthcare.